“Even if you start low in life, you can work your way up. But you can also start at the top and easily fall down! You have to find a way to take yourself where you want to go.”

-Mackenzie W.

By attending all of the NewE meetings, I learned many things, but one was how to introduce myself to future bosses/businessmen and women. I also learned what an entrepreneur was and how they want to change the world with many solutions to the problems we face every day. I was taught how to satisfy a customer by suggesting what they could get instead, if they couldn’t get the item they had asked for. I believe that tool, for sure will benefit me in the future.

-Kayla S.




The New E network has made a drastic impact on my perspective about business. I have learned how to breathe the dreams and ideals I have or making a difference and living a wealthy happy life with the real world. This class has grounded my goals and put me in an excellent position where i now know how to make my goals and dreams a reality. The tool that I have found as my greatest asset is the huge and richly diverse network of supporting and willing entrepreneurs in the area. These people, including the teachers showing me how to use these assets are all anyone needs to become a successful entrepreneur, given of course that the person has the personal will.

-Shaylin S.


Ever since I joined the New E program I learned to come out of my shell and network with other entrepreneurs. I’ve learned to introduce myself formally and whenever working in a job, always respect your customers and satisfy your customers by offering what you have instead of saying, “no we don’t have that sorry.” Always take blame if something is not right with a customer. With this experience I learned a lot and it will help me in the future. Without this program I would have never broken my shell and networked with others.

-Leslie S.



One thing I have learned in new entrepreneur network is that there are many opportunities within our community. All it takes is a hello and a handshake. These opportunities could help you towards a career that you would have never thought of. Some tools I have from new e is meeting new people. It may be hard, but once you are able to get past that, it creates so much opportunities, meeting new people was great, especially when they are able to give great advice towards my future.